31 December 2020

Read Before Reading

I’ve always been incredibly hesitant to do this. At this moment, part of me still wants to delete it all.

To put anything into the great abyss of the internet where nothing ever dies.. horror to the perfectionist in me!

Whether it be advice, opinions, my current modus operandi, whatevs, whatevs—it worries me. It’s repeated humility that I’ve been dunked into over and over from any supposed safe and dry stronghold that I’ve ever clung to. Whether it’s politics, diet, medication,… any time I have thought I had an answer to something, I experienced something on the contrary that forced me to soften my opinion and see a broader perspective.

Add to that social media scrolling where I watch people consistently presenting things in absolutes to support their brand and bolster their value. It’s catchy and it sells and we all want an unwavering leader to tell us that single trick that’s going to fix our problem. Of course!

But ack, it makes me cringe…

My hyper analytical mind can’t help but see the holes. I think of my mother who is kind and trusting and might hear somebody on the morning news tell the viewers some sort of arbitrary yet well-intended advice like how their signature box jump + burpees combo is the best HIIT activity to burn calories fast. Then said sweet mother will pull out her Tractor Supply pig trough (certainly not the fancy box they’re selling), and about as soon as she begins she’ll take that one jump that lands her limping around on a busted ankle for the next 6 months.

Of course box jumps might be great. But maybe my mom should have been doing step-ups first. Or maybe somebody else’s mom is already CrossFitting 5 times per week and instead could be spending additional time with her grandbabies. There’s always a “but” and it makes me uncomfortable to have the podium.

So, let it be heard. None of this is gospel. Nothing in that I teach is the quick fix that we all dream of. Because ultimately that doesn’t exist. What works for me may not work for you. And what works for me now may not work for me next month. My advice is possible approach in a single point in time that may not resonate with you now or ever. OR it may ring that special bell that you’re needing to hear.

Really, then, why do it? Well, because people ask me. In fact, I, too, ask people. How do you manage your time? What do you think about these career paths? Is it reasonable what’s going on in my relationship?  Sharing our thoughts and experiences builds community and can gentle the path that we’re all on by learning from each other’s experiences. It can also open up possibilities that we hadn’t considered yet or simply let us see that we’re not alone.

I’m choosing to take the plunge, trusting that the guidance we each need will present itself when needed. If you are looking for more personal direction, reach out for coaching. If you want little bits and bobs from my life’s experiences, read on through for an ever changing conversation that’s frustratingly yet refreshingly full of nuances.

Oof! *plugging nose and inhaling a big gulp*