Here’s the thing, for some reason I landed in this life with a power to connect and help. So that’s all I’m doing here; putting together a platform where I can connect and help in whatever way comes. Simple.
While much of the world is committed to saying this is right or that is wrong, the only thing I feel certain of is there is no single answer. Life is complicated, people are unique, circumstances and needs change over time, and it’s all full of nuances. Right now, my personal guiding forces are to live intentionally, to seek contentment, and lead with love. You know, some hippy dippy stuff.

I realize that all feels rather broad, so here are some specific favorites:
  • being barefoot and braless
  • singing along to heart-ripping Broadway ballads
  • Subway’s (fake) seafood salad sandwich. Dude, I’ll go WAY out of my way!
  • the smell of snow fronts coming over the Rockies
  • *extra* warrior movies: 300, Bombshell, Warrior, Gladiator, Wonder Woman


student of the past
teacher of the future